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Marketator is a global leader in performance marketing. We excel in two primary areas – search traffic monetization and desktop software distribution. Over the years, we’ve developed trusted and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, who often choose to continue doing business with us for the long term as soon as they see the initial results. We deliver unparalleled monetization and distribution services with the help of proprietary tools that took our team years to develop, test and fine tune.

In our offices in Cyprus and Israel, our international workforce from several different countries works together harmoniously. Additionally, because people are one of our core tenets, we encourage and appreciate the initiatives and ideas of our team members.

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Since 2016 we are developing and fine-tuning our exclusive internal AI-Powered SaaS, which enables us to optimize performance and generate greater income than any of our competitors. We help our clients monetize their search traffic by using raw feeds directly from some of the world’s top search engine and major search feeds providers. By leveraging these partnerships and implementing our own AI-powered SaaS, we are able to efficiently deliver monetization services for search traffic coming from PC software, mobile applications, search engines as well as search traffic originating from various other sources such as browser extensions and add-ons.

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At Marketator, we’ve packaged a bundle offer that can monetize PC or MAC installers with live analytics presented in an intuitive and useful dashboard. With over 10 years of experience monetizing a wide array of desktop software, we understand how to effectively and quickly monetize everything from desktop applications, including browsers, antivirus programs and ad blockers to multimedia programs, utilities and much more. It’s not uncommon for clients to run into challenges posed by market regulators such as VirusTotal or AppEsteem, and when this happens, we can hold your hand and easily navigate you around these intricate issues expertly. We pride ourselves on being proactive, we constantly innovate fresh and visionary distribution strategies.

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